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Michigan-Wisconsin Fuel Tax Reciprocity Agreement

Qualified Fuel Tax Reciprocity Agreement between the State of Michigan and the State of Wisconsin

Effective November 1, 2022, Michigan and Wisconsin now have a fuel tax reciprocity agreement. All qualified motor vehicles owned or leased and operated by residents of Michigan, and haul only raw forest products, may operate in Wisconsin within 30 miles of the Michigan border without carrying any additional fuel tax credentials as set forth in the fuel tax reporting reciprocity agreement between Michigan and Wisconsin.

Similarly, qualified motor vehicles owned or leased by a Wisconsin resident, and haul only raw forest products, may operate in Michigan within 30 air miles of the Wisconsin border.

“Raw forest products” mean logs, pilings, posts, poles, cordwood products, wood chips, sawdust, pulpwood, intermediary lumber, fuel wood, and Christmas trees, that are not altered by a manufacturing process off the land, sawmill, or factory from which they are taken and are not finished products suitable for sale at retail.


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