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Taxpayer Verification

Information Needed to Obtain Account Information

To obtain information about your account from Treasury, you will need the following information from your return:

  • Social Security number (SSN) of the primary filer (the filer listed first on the return)
  • Tax year of the return
  • Adjusted gross income (AGI) or total household resources (THR)
  • Filing status (single, married filing jointly, married filing separately)

Please ensure that you have this information accessible before contacting Treasury about your account.

Tax Assistance

Most Treasury services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Online Options for Taxpayers

To directly interact with Treasury regarding your individual account, use the Individual Income Tax eService. Specific guides and tutorials for this service are available on the Individual Income Tax eService Help Center.

Access the Individual Income Tax eService

Use Guest Services to:

  • Check the status of your return
  • Check estimated payments you made during the year

Use Account Services to:

  • Change your address
  • Access letter sent by Treasury
  • Check responses to letters you sent to Treasury
  • Submit specific account requests

Ask a question by selecting "Create a Service Request"

  • Ensure you have provided a valid email address to submit a question

Online Options for Tax Professionals

To directly interact with Treasury, on behalf of yourself or your client, regarding their individual or business account, use the Tax Professional eService. Specific guides and tutorials for this service are available on the Tax Professionals eService Help Center.

Access the Tax Professionals eService

Specific to the following tax types:

  • Individual income tax
  • SUW taxes
  • Michigan business tax
  • Corporate income tax
  • Flow-through entity tax
  • Marihuana retailers excise tax

Power of Attorney

  • Tax professionals must have a Power of Attorney (Form 151) on file permitting Treasury to disclose protected account information
  • If sending account-specific questions without a POA form on file:
    • email the executed Form 151 in PDF format to
    • the subject of the email should be the service request number of your inquiry


Contact Treasury's Automated Information Service by calling 517-636-4486. Through this automated phone system, you can:

  • Request the status of your refund
  • Check the status of letters you have sent to Treasury
  • Request information on estimated payments
  • Order current tax year forms

While most questions can be answered by the Automated Information Service, customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Assistance is available using TTY through the Michigan Relay Service by calling 711.