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Get Organized for IFTA E-file

To access the IFTA E-file program you will need a user ID and password.

To complete your return quickly and easily, you will need to report the following information (by fuel type) for all qualified motor vehicles in your fleet during the filing quarter:

  1. Total miles (taxable and non-taxable miles) traveled in all IFTA jurisdictions.
  2. Total non-IFTA miles (taxable and non-taxable miles) traveled in all non-IFTA jurisdictions.
  3. Total gallons of fuel purchased.
  4. Total gallons of fuel consumed in all jurisdictions (IFTA and non-IFTA).
  5. The name of each jurisdiction you traveled in.
  6. Total miles traveled in each IFTA jurisdiction.

NOTE: When completing the IFTA schedule (form IFTA-101) it is important that you complete the schedule in rows (horizontally) not columns (vertically) Use the Tab key on your keyboard to tab across the schedule. All fields for a jurisdiction should be completed before you move on to the next jurisdiction. Using your mouse to complete the schedule vertically (entering total miles for each jurisdiction, then taxable miles for each jurisdiction, etc.) can cause errors when the program is calculating your return.