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Licensing: I am a current IFTA licensee. I RENEWED my license on the IPC system but I have not yet received my decals for next year. Can I continue to operate without them?

The IFTA Agreement allows a two-month grace period from January 1st – February 28th for current IFTA licensees to operate under the prior year decals if they have renewed their license in their base jurisdiction before the current license expires, December 31st. Your license is printable on your online IPC account where you also have the ability to generate and print a temporary decal permit if your qualified motor vehicle does not have a prior year decal. The current year active license must be carried along with the prior year license during the grace period.

Beginning March 1st, all qualifying vehicles must have the current year decals affixed on the vehicle. The IFTA Agreement requires that vehicle operations during the grace period be reported on the 1st quarter IFTA tax return.