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Why is my Personal Property Tax Credit adjusted?

  • If the Personal Property Tax credit was adjusted on your Michigan Business Tax (MBT) return, check if the following information was included with your return.
    • The following forms are required to be filed to claim the Personal Property Tax Credit: Form 4567 and Form 4574. If any of these forms are missing, the credit will be denied. A complete amended return, including all forms, schedules and attachments, must be filed in order to correct the original return.

 Additional information required:

  • Property tax statements
  • Proof of payment by the taxpayer within the filing period via cancelled check or tax receipt date-stamped by local taxing unit
  • Proof that property taxes claimed were levied on property classified as eligible industrial personal property, eligible telephone personal property, or eligible natural gas pipeline property
  • Proof that property taxes were levied on the taxpayer after December 31, 2007.

If any of the additional information listed above was excluded from the return, mail the required documentation to the MBT Correspondence Address. NOTE: If Form 4574 was omitted or incomplete, you must amend the entire return to correct the error. Sending in only the missing or incomplete form will not correct the error. If both an amended return and additional information are required, send the information along with the amended return to the MBT Returns address.