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Bottle Deposit

The Michigan Beverage Container Act, commonly referred to as the Bottle Bill, was implemented in December 1978 with the purpose to reduce roadside litter, clean up the environment, and conserve energy and natural resources.

Notice Regarding Forms Submission Deadline Beginning in 2024 for Bottle Deposit Dealer Disbursements - Published April 1, 2024

Notice Regarding Amendment to Michigan Beverage Container Law

The following is provided as a result of the Bottle Bill legislation:

Reverse Vending Machine Legislation

Reverse Vending Machine legislation previously enacted through Public Acts 386, 387, 388, and 389 of 2008 have been deemed unconstitutional by Federal District Court. As a result the Michigan Department of Treasury no longer has any statutory authority or obligation to administer these former public acts.


Michigan Bottle Deposit Law Frequently Asked Questions


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