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Service Interruption and Import Verification Numbers

Customers impacted by Service Interruption and Import Verification Number requirements under Public Act 403 of 2000, must call our toll-free number, 1-888-213-0676, to obtain an authorization number for statutory compliance. This automated phone system is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Each caller is prompted to enter and confirm specific information. Based on information provided by the caller, the phone system will issue an authorization number that must be printed on the shipping paper to validate the movement of the product.

SERVICE INTERRUPTION NUMBER. The terminal operator must provide an automated, machine-generated shipping paper to each driver. If the automatic equipment does not work, the terminal operator must provide a manually prepared shipping paper as a substitute. Before issuing the manually prepared shipping paper, the operator must call our toll-free number to obtain a Service Interruption Number to include on the document. The Service Interruption Number is valid for 24 hours and must appear on every shipping document manually issued during that 24-hour period. If the equipment remains inoperable longer than 24 hours, the terminal operator must obtain a new Service Interruption Number for each subsequent 24-hour period (Section 76).

IMPORT VERIFICATION NUMBER. This number is required for shipments of product imported into this state from outside the country. The automated phone system will request specific information from the customer in order to issue an authorization number specific to a load. The number must appear on the shipping document and on the subsequent report filed by the importer. An Import Verification Number must be obtained for each load of motor fuel delivered by a transport truck, tank wagon, marine vessel, or rail car. The Import Verification Number must be obtained by the Importer or Transporter prior to entering the United States with a load destined for Michigan, if Michigan Motor Fuel tax has not been pre-collected by a supplier licensed to collect and remit the applicable fuel tax under Michigan Motor Fuel Laws (Section101). A licensed Occasional Importer who imports motor fuel other than dyed diesel fuel must pay the fuel tax due within three days of obtaining a valid Import Verification Number. The remittance of tax due must accompany the filing of the Three Day Pay Voucher, Form 3778.