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Getting Familiar with Michigan Treasury Online (MTO)

Getting Familiar with Michigan Treasury Online (MTO)

Congratulations on doing business in the State of Michigan!

Now that you’re licensed with LARA it’s time to get familiar with MTO. We’ve put together some helpful information below to get you started.

Helpful Information to Get You Started

First Time User

On the MTO login page, you are prompted to log in to an account. As a first-time user, you have the option to create a user profile.

Michigan Treasury Online Log In Page

MTO Homepage

After logging in, you will have access to the homepage.

You will see different color tiles under Tax Services. Each tile provides essential functions to update and maintain business accounts.

Today we’ll just be focusing on The Marihuana Retailers Excise (MRE) Tax tile! This tile houses the MRE dashboard and allows users to manage business relationships and tax filings.

Michigan Treasury Online Home Page

MRE Dashboard

If this is your first time accessing the MRE Dashboard MTO will allow you to select Create a New Relationship, connecting to a business account.

You can even connect to multiple businesses! Once you’re connected, a tile with the name of the business will appear.

In order to access MRE options for a business, you will need to select the specific tile.

Michigan Treasury Online MRE Dashboard

Additional Options

On the right side of the summary screen under MRE actions you’ll notice different drop-down options. These drop-downs house the ability for you to do a variety of different things such as file & pay tax returns, amend filings, maintain locations and review correspondence!

You’ll also notice there is a green tile that reads “Sales, Use and Withholding Tax” toward the bottom of the page. This tile will allow you to have direct access to your Sales, Use, and Withholding dashboard. You might be thinking “Why is this important?” don’t forget that as an MRE business you are required to file both MRE and Sales tax returns.

Michigan Treasury Online Additional Options

Form Instructions

You will also find additional Form 5676 MRE instructions below:

2024 Form 5676 MRE Instructions

Do you have more questions? We’re here to help!

Visit MTO Help Center:  You’ll find PDF and video tutorials on accessing MTO, filing and paying taxes, and more!