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Miscellaneous MTO FAQs

I made a mistake on my tax return. How do I correct it on MTO?

View the step-by-step guides including how to amend and pay tax returns in MTO.


I am having trouble accessing MTO content - the webpage will not load or I do not see all my information; what should I do?

Check the MTO outage messaging. If there are no reported outages, check the following:

  • Browser compatibility - MTO is supported by Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari
  • Multiple sessions - ensure you do not have an active MTO session in multiple browsers or tabs
  • Internet connectivity issues - verify that you have an active internet connection 
  • Time Out after lack of activity - verify that your browser is working to establish a connection with MTO. If not, refresh your browser.

If you are still experiencing problems, contact the Customer Contact Unit at 517-636-6925.


What is the purpose of the barcode appearing at the bottom of my letter?

The barcode is for internal use only.


I would like more specific information on changes related to Sales, Use and Withholding (SUW) taxes.

Detailed information is available on the MTO Business Services website under the Resources/Help section.

For more information regarding SUW taxes, visit the respective tax pages through the Business Taxes link.


Can I view Treasury correspondence in MTO?

Correspondence issued by the SUW and Registration Units are viewable on MTO. Collection correspondence is not available in MTO.


Will MTO automatically log me out?

Yes, MTO will timeout after 60 minutes of inactivity. Typing and clicking are considered activity. If the system automatically logs you out, you will lose any unsaved or un-submitted information.