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Federal Offer in Compromise Accepted by the Internal Revenue Service

An OIC from the IRS for the same tax types and periods you are requesting state relief.

A refund of previously made payments is not available through the OIC program.

Qualifying Tax Types

The following taxes administered under the Revenue Act: 

  • Individual Income Tax under MCL 206.1 to 206.532;
  • Corporate Income Tax under MCL 206.601 to 206.699;
  • Withholding Tax under MCL 206.701 to 206.713.

Document Requirements

If all of the documents below are not received with your application, your submission will be considered ineligible.

Submit the following:

  • Form 5181F;
  • Form 656 and/or Addendum to Form 656;
  • IRS Account Transcripts for all accepted tax periods and years; and
  • IRS OIC Acceptance Letter.
Get the forms, your supporting documentation, and mail them to Treasury.
Get Started
Before submitting
 an application, please refer to the OIC guidelines.