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Software Developer Website for Substitute Forms and Electronic Filing

Michigan Treasury Updates 

MICHIGAN Letter of Intent to Participate in E-File and Substitute Forms Programs (Form 4430) is available for submission here. Developers must submit Form 4430 to Treasury to obtain access to the State Exchange System. Form 4430 can be submitted to

NOTE: If your business/organization supports ONLY Personal Property Tax forms, you do NOT need to submit Form 4430. The most recent version of the Personal Property Tax forms are on Treasury’s Web site.

Once your company’s 4430 is processed, your company will receive an e-mail from  which will provide you access to the approved folder(s) with the State Exchange System site.

Michigan Department of Treasury will post all e-file and form information to the State Exchange Site. 

Software developers should reference the Substitute Forms Submissions Manual for guidelines on submitting substitute forms. Software developers are not to submit forms for testing until forms are posted as “Final Drafts.” 

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