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Amending Your MI-1040 Due to the Recent Federal Unemployment Exclusion

Amending Individual Income Tax Returns

Read the Update to April 1, 2021 Notice Regarding the Treatment of Unemployment Compensation for Tax Year 2020

Read the April 27, 2021 Treasury Press Release Taxpayers Should Consider Filing an Amended State Return for Unemployment Benefit Tax Relief

Electronic Filers

If you filed your original return electronically using a software product, we recommend attempting to file your amended return using that same product.  Most software vendors have updated their products to account for the unemployment exclusion.  E-filing your amended return will ensure greater accuracy and faster processing times.


Paper Filers

If you paper file your amended return, here are some helpful reminders:

  • Use the MI-1040 and check the amended box.
  • Include schedule AMD which captures the reason why you are amending the return.  To complete properly, check Box N and on line 8 "Explanation of changes", please write "Federal Unemployment Exclusion".

Explanation of changes.

  • Include all forms and schedules previously filed with your original return.