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Local Government

Data Exchange Agreements, Reporting and Confidentiality

The Revenue Act, MCL 205.28(1)(f) provides that:

"The State Treasurer may enter into reciprocal agreements with . . . local governmental units within this state . . . for the enforcement, collection, and exchange of data after ascertaining that any information provided will be subject to confidentiality restrictions substantially the same as the provisions of this act."

By Administrative Rule, 1999 AC 205.1007, authority to enter into these agreements is delegated to the Disclosure Officer, an employee within the Department of Treasury. Currently, the Disclosure Officer for the Department of Treasury is Brenda Lindsay. You may reach the Disclosure Office using the addresses, email and phone numbers listed on the Disclosure Contact page.

An Exchange Agreement with a local government must be in place prior to transmission of any data from the Department of Treasury. A letter of request must be sent to the Disclosure Officer who will provide a questionnaire, agreement template and confidentiality forms to the local government to:

  1. Put an agreement in place to exchange data,
  2. Ascertain that information from the Department of Treasury will remain secure and be kept under the same confidentiality restrictions that apply to state employees, and
  3. Ascertain that the information will be used consistent with the limitations provided for by law.

Income generated from Treasury data must be reported by local units under the agreement on Treasury Form 4262.