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MCL 211.154 Petition Checklists

These checklists are prepared to assist Assessors, Taxpayers and Agents in the preparation of MCL 211.154 petitions for Omitted or Incorrectly Reported real and personal property. These checklists include the items that are most commonly omitted from they petitions which delay processing. Please review the checklists before submitting your petition. The checklists are arranged by broad category below and can be used to assist in the preparation of forms L-4154/627, L-4155/628 and L-4156/629. 

MCL 211.154 Checklist - Disabled Veteran's Exemption
MCL 211.154 Checklist - Personal Property
MCL 211.154 Checklist - Real Property

A copy of the STC rules related to Omitted and Incorrectly Reported real and personal property is attached to the checklist. Please review the STC rules to determine if the Commission had jurisdiction to hear your request. If you have any questions about the checklist or the STC rules related to 154 petitions, please feel free to contact staff at 517-335-4410 (option 6) or