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Commercial Facilities Exemption

P.A. 255 of 1978, as amended

The Commercial Redevelopment Act, (known as the Commercial Facilities Exemption), PA 255 of 1978, as amended, affords a tax incentive for the redevelopment of commercial property for the primary purpose and use of a commercial business enterprise. The property must be located within an established Commercial Redevelopment District. Exemptions are approved for a term of 1-12 years as determined by the local unit of government and the taxable value is frozen for the duration of the certificate. For restored facilities, the property taxes are based upon the previous year's (prior to restoration) taxable value and 100% of the mills levied. For new or replacement facilities, the property taxes are based upon the current year's taxable value and 50% of the mills levied. Applications are filed, reviewed, approved, and certificates are issued, by the local unit of government. Certificates are also filed with the State Tax Commission.