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2016 Personal Property Tax (PPT) Reimbursements

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Information about Tax Year 2016 PPT Reimbursements distributed in:

November 2016

February 2017

2016 PPT Distributions, Calculations, and Breakdowns by Millage

A road in downtown Marquette Michigan.

Tax Increment Finance Authorities (TIFAs)

2016 Calculation Input Data

City Buildings

Millage Rate Comparison Reports

The LCSA Act requires Treasury to annually calculate each municipality's millage rate eligible for reimbursement by May 1 (MCL 123.1345(x)(ii), MCL 123.1353(5)(b), MCL 123.1353(5)(c), MCL 123.1353(5)(d)).

School Districts

School District

Intermediate School Districts

Intermediate School District

Counties, Townships, Cities, Villages, Community Colleges, and Authorities

County, City, Village, Township

Community College


Taxable Values Used in the PPT Reimbursement Calculations

The LCSA Act requires Treasury to annually post the commercial personal property and industrial personal property taxable values that were used in the reimbursement calculations (MCL 123.1358(5))

2013 and 2016 Personal Property Taxable Values Reported in Calendar Year 2016 (updated May 2019)

2013 to 2018 Personal Property Taxable Values of Renaissance Zones (Excluding Authorities)

2013 to 2018 Personal Property Taxable Values of Renaissance Zones for Authorities