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Taxing Unit Crosswalk

Review Due:  March 8, 2024

The Department of Treasury (Treasury) is responsible for calculating and distributing Small Business Taxpayer Exemption (SBTE) Reimbursements to municipalities (taxing units) for personal property tax revenue lost as a result of the expansion of the SBTE.

"Municipalities" include, but are not limited to, counties, cities, villages, townships, local authorities, local school districts, intermediate school districts, community college districts, libraries, tax increment finance authorities, and other local taxing units.

Local assessors provide Treasury with the County, City or Township, Village, and Local School District impacted by each SBTE claim.  To identify the remaining taxing units impacted by the SBTE claims, Treasury has created a 2023 SBTE Taxing Unit Crosswalk.

To ensure SBTE Reimbursements are distributed to the proper taxing units, Treasury will send an SBTE Communication requesting County and Local Treasurers to review the 2023 SBTE Taxing Unit Crosswalk for accuracy.  The crosswalk provides instructions for navigating and reviewing the crosswalk.

In the event an addition or correction to the crosswalk file is needed, the County or Local Treasurer should complete the Form 6071 - SBTE Taxing Unit Crosswalk Correction and submit the form to Treasury by:  March 8, 2024.


2023 SBTE Taxing Unit Crosswalk                 Form 6071 - SBTE Taxing Unit Crosswalk Correction


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