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Are there any exceptions for filing estimated tax payments for farmers, fishermen or seafarers?

Farmers, fishermen and seafarers may have to pay estimates but they do have other filing options. If at least two-thirds of your gross income is from farming, fishing, or seafaring, you may:

  • Delay paying your first 2023 quarterly installment (MI-1040ES) until as late as January 16, 2024, and pay the entire amount of your 2023 estimated tax due, or
  • File your 2023 MI-1040 return and pay the entire amount of tax due on or before March 1, 2024.

You are considered a farmer or fisherman if you file U.S. Schedule F or Schedule C. Wages earned as a farm employee or from a corporate farm do not qualify you for this exception. You are considered a seafarer if your wages are exempt from income tax withholding under Title 46, Shipping, USC, Sec. 11108.