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When do I file my taxes if I am in active duty overseas?

The deadline for filing a Michigan income tax return is April 15. The deadline for filing and paying is extended for Military personnel stationed in a combat zone, and for their spouses, while the person is in the combat zone and for 180 days after the taxpayer has left the zone.  View more information

It is possible for members of the Armed Forces to qualify for the extension without being in a combat zone. If you serve in direct support of those in the combat zone and receive hostile fire or imminent danger pay, you qualify for the extension. If you are deployed overseas, away from your permanent duty station, in support of operations in a qualified hazardous duty area, but outside the qualified hazardous duty area, you qualify for the extension. If you are hospitalized outside of the U.S. as a result of injuries suffered in the combat zone, you also qualify.

There is no requirement for you to certify your presence in a combat zone to qualify for the extension. Your branch of the military reports that information to the Internal Revenue Service for you.