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9. What is the Business, Rental, and Royalty Activity Worksheet?

Taxpayers with business income/loss included in adjusted gross income are required to provide information regarding the type and location of that income.  The Business, Rental, and Royalty Activity Worksheet can be used to identify the location of Michigan and non-Michigan business and rental activity. It also can be used to identify other non-business income as Michigan or non-Michigan income. The Worksheet is a suggested attachment to a return for required information and can be used by e-filers or paper filers.  The Worksheet can be found online with the Michigan individual income tax forms.  The Worksheet, or any similar worksheet that identifies the type and location of non-Michigan business activity and income, may be attached as a PDF file to an e-filed return using the file name "BusinessActivity.pdf." The Worksheet or similar worksheet may also be included with any paper filed return.