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Notice of Hold on Income Tax Refund or Credit

This notice was sent because your refund is being held for a State of Michigan debt. Either you or your spouse is liable for a debt. Complete, sign and submit the enclosed Income Allocation for Non Obligated Spouse (Form 743) to determine how much of the refund can be applied to the debt. If the form is not completely and correctly filled out, signed by both spouses and returned within 4 weeks; the entire refund (if needed) will be applied to the debt.

For more information regarding your debt(s) contact the following:

•  Account numbers that begin with an "F" are business debts, contact 517-636-6925. 
•  Account numbers that begin with an "S" are individual tax debts, contact 517-636-4486. 
•  Account numbers that begin and end with "S" are state agency debts, contact 517-636-5265.

Note: If the spouse is deceased, include a copy of the death certificate.

For more information view Non-Obligated Spouse Information.