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Objectives and Limitations

Objectives and Limitations


We will attempt to: 

  • Serve as a resource of last resort if you have exhausted all attempts to remedy your situation through Treasury’s normal channels. 
  • Ensure your rights are protected and Treasury’s processes are fairly administered under the law. 
  • Provide a fresh review of your Treasury issue to make certain you have received impartial treatment. 
  • Identify and communicate general policy and operational issues affecting multiple taxpayers. 
  • Listen and try to clarify the issue. 
  • Provide educational outreach. 


We will not: 

  • Provide tax refund status. 
  • Intercede during an audit. 
  • Explain why you or your business were audited. 
  • Change timeframes or due dates. 
  • Offer legal advice/guidance. 
  • Assist with your tax preparation.