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AG Nessel Wraps Up Holiday Consumer Scam Campaign

LANSING – Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is wrapping up her 2023 Holiday Consumer Scam Campaign with a reminder that residents can now access free weekly credit reports from each of the three main credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.  

The free weekly credit report program was initiated in 2020 after the pandemic put many people’s finances in dire straits and the program became permanent earlier this year. 

“While the Holidays are known as the ‘Season of Giving,’ that doesn’t stop bad actors from attempting to steal your identity,” said Nessel. “I encourage every Michigan resident to take advantage of the free weekly credit report program. Staying alert is the best way to protect yourself so that you can take action quickly when fraud is suspected.” 

Credit reports contain the financial and personal data used by businesses and potential creditors to assess an individual's financial fitness for rentals, house and vehicle financing, insurance, or even a job. The approval of your application could be impacted by inaccurate information, and it benefits residents to be knowledgeable about what is in their credit report and affecting their overall credit score. 

The free weekly credit report can be accessed from Annual Credit Report's website, the only official site for free credit reports authorized by federal law. Other sites offer free credit reports, though residents should exercise caution and watch for sites that have been spoofed, or fraudulent sites designed to steal your money or your personal information.

Holiday Scams Campaign

The Department of Attorney General kicked off the annual campaign with the launch of a new standalone consumer protection website to make it easier than ever for Michigan residents to access common scam alerts, research charities, learn about renter’s rights, and more. 

“My Consumer Protection Team stands ready to assist Michiganders who may have fallen victim to a scam, but our ultimate goal is to educate consumers and prevent it from happening in the first place,” Nessel said during the website launch. “By focusing on the user experience, we made the Consumer Protection site more accessible, simpler to navigate, and easier to read. We hope residents will bookmark the page on both their computers and phones so that the information they need to stay armed against bad actors is always right at their fingertips.”  

In addition to a new look and logo, the website now includes: 

  • a new search tool to make finding consumer alerts and charities faster and easier; 
  • a page dedicated to common scams; 
  • the Michigan Identity Theft Support page and resources to detect and report identity theft for consumers and businesses alike; and
  • educational videos from Attorney General Nessel, the Federal Trade Commission, and other trusted resources.

The Holiday Alerts are relevant all year long and the list is as follows: 

November 24: Credit Card Safety – Keep Your Accounts Safe

November 25: Card Skimming and Shimming 

November 27: Online Shopping Tips 

November 28: It’s the Season for Wise Charitable Giving 

November 29: Protect your Mail and Packages from Porch Pirates 

November 30: Computer Ransomware – What is it? 

December 1: Artificial Intelligence and Scams 

December 4: Hey, Why Isn’t That Price Fixing? 

December 5: Credit Cards – Did I Charge That? 

December 6: Michigan’s Scanner Law 

December 7: Gift Cards and Gift Certificates 

December 8: Puppy Scams 

December 11: Don’t Throw Away Your Right to Financial Privacy 

December 12: Payment Apps and Scams 

December 13: Virtual Currency Has Real Life Risks 

December 14: Website Spoofing 

December 15: Drop Shipping:  Before You Shop or Sell Online 

December 18: Business Sudden Closure – Protect Yourself 

December 19: Avoiding Unhappy Returns 

December 20: Text Message Scams - Smishing 

December 21: Paying With a Gift Card 

December 22: How to File a Consumer Complaint   

December 26: Free Credit Reports: What Consumers Should Know 

A library of consumer alerts created by the Department of Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Team is available online and organized by a number of categories.  

To file a complaint with the Department of Attorney General, residents are encouraged to contact:

Consumer Protection Team 
P.O. Box 30213 
Lansing, MI 48909 
Fax: 517-241-3771 
Toll-free: 877-765-8388 
Online complaint form


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