• Michigan Treasury Online News & Updates

    January 2018: Michigan Department of Treasury is committed to keeping your information secure. Beginning January 16, 2018, as MTO users log into their accounts, they will be required to select and provide responses to four (4) security questions. Your responses to these basic questions (such as what is your mother’s maiden name?) will be stored and used to assist in password resets and to enhance user security with MTO. While the questions are mandatory, this is a one-time event and none of the questions require sensitive identity related answers such as social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, or  previous addresses. Thank you for helping us keep your information secure!

    January 2017: The following improvements to MTO took effect on January 17, 2017:

    • W-2 Upload
    • E-file Fuel Credit Refund
    • Payment Screen Redesign   
    • In-transit Sale Allocation on the Vehicle Dealer Supplemental Schedule
    • Return Submission Authorization Box Changes
    • Authorized Declaration–Power of Attorney (POA) Updates

    January 2016: In January 2016, the Michigan Department of Treasury released enhancements to the  Michigan Treasury Online (MTO) e-services. A major change is the elimination of Michigan Business One Stop, which will provide several benefits to our taxpayers.  Including but not limited to :

    • Single Sign-On – Taxpayers will use one user name and password to enter the MTO site, file a return, and make a payment.
    • Self Service – Taxpayers will have the ability reset their own user name and password.
    • A new feature for Sales Use and Withholding Filers: Fast File Now- allows for immediate access to file and pay your tax returns without creating a business relationship.
    • Self Delegation – Taxpayers have the ability to select which functions they would like to perform on behalf of the business.