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About IFTA E-file/E-pay

  • IFTA E-file is a free service offered by the Department that allows a Michigan based IFTA carrier to quickly and accurately file their quarterly IFTA return using a computer that has an Internet connection.
  • IFTA E-file performs all required computations which makes filing fast and easy and virtually eliminates the possibility of mathematical errors.
  • IFTA E-pay is an electronic means of paying by ACH debit or credit, if an E-filed quarterly IFTA return results in a balance due.
  • IFTA E-file/E-pay is secure. An application must be completed before you can send an electronic payment. Both the debit application (form 4536) and the credit application (form 4537) can be found at
  • Taxpayers can print a copy of their completed IFTA E-file return for their records.
  • The Department immediately confirms receipt of an IFTA E-file return.
  • ACH debit and/or credit payment for IFTA taxes is available online, electronic payments can be made using ACH debit (form 4536) or ACH Credit (form 4537).
  • Debit Payments may be made by telephone using IVR or using the Web. EFT Debit payments can be scheduled up to 90 days in advance through the Michigan Automated Tax Payment System. There is no cost when making payments by EFT Debit.
  • To make payments by ACH debit, complete and submit IFTA Debit Application (form 4536). You will receive a letter with instructions on how to complete IFTA Debit payments via Web or IVR.
  • Credit Payments:  For credit payments, you must contact the bank to initiate the tax payment and transfer fund to the State. A fee may be charged by your bank. To make payments by EFT Credit, complete and submit IFTA Credit Application form 4537. You will receive an approval letter and instructions on how to notify the bank to set up the account for EFT Credit filing.