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Paymentus Features and Functionality


Treasury’s banking partner, JP Morgan Chase, is onboarding a new payment platform, Paymentus, for Michigan Treasury Online (MTO) on April 13, 2024.

Paymentus incorporates modern design, intuitive navigation, and new services such as:

  • same day payments (when initiated before 8:00 p.m. ET),
  • expanded future payment scheduling up to one year in advance, and
  • automatic payment information retention through My Wallet.

Not Everything is Changing

Although Paymentus introduces a number of updates, not everything is changing:

  • You will continue to use your one, personal username and password to access all MTO services - including making a payment. When MTO opens the payment system, a unique identifier is created based on your MTO credentials and the associated business tax account. This safeguards your payment information, upholds the security of online services, and ensures MTO remains easy to use.
  • The way you access the payment system through MTO will remain the same; each of the MTO pathways that currently allow you to make a payment (File and Pay a Tax Return, Make a Payment, and Fast Pay) will look and function the same as they do today.
  • You will continue to receive a pop-up message from MTO before accessing the payment system.

ACH Debit Block Company ID Update

If you are currently (or plan to start) making electronic business tax payments through MTO with a checking or savings account, you will want to be aware of a process change with MTO Paymentus.

Electronic payments through MTO are processed as ACH Debit transactions. If your checking or savings bank account has an ACH Debit Block, you must provide your financial institution with the updated Company ID for Paymentus: 0000408976 to be used beginning spring of 2024. Read more information about the important role of Treasury’s Company IDs at