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OIC Review Process


Eligible Vs Ineligible Submission

If the OIC submission is eligible, Treasury will send a notice of acknowledgment and suspend collection actions (i.e. levying property/assets). If ineligible, Treasury will send an Explanation of Ineligible Offer in Compromise Submission.

Withdraw Your Application

Submit a request in writing to withdraw your OIC application.

Michigan Department of Treasury
Offer in Compromise
P.O. Box 30190
Lansing, MI 48909

For additional questions call 517-636-5265.

Once an OIC is withdrawn, collection on the original tax debt will continue. The initial payment made with the OIC application will not be refunded, but instead applied to the remaining balance.

Was your offer accepted or rejected?


Next steps after your offer is accepted by Treasury.


Next steps after your offer is rejected by Treasury.