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Next Steps

If Accepted

  • a Notice of Acceptance of Offer in Compromise will be sent via mail to the taxpayer and any third-party representative;
  • payments will begin 30 days after the date listed on the acceptance letter;
  • state tax liens will be released once the OIC is paid in full;
  • State of Michigan vendor payments such as home healthcare, childcare, or foster care payments etc., will no longer be taken and applied to your balance.
Income tax refunds will continue to be applied to the outstanding balance until it is paid in full.
To prevent your offer from being revoked, you must pay your OIC payments on time, as well as file and pay the balance due on all future tax returns.

Making Payments

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You will be able to make a payment by way of:

  • an Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer from your bank account without a fee; or
  • a credit or debit card payment with a 1.5% processing fee.

Automatic, electronic funds transfer payments, Form 3798, is not currently available for those on an installment agreement with the OIC unit. The offer will continue to be monitored by the OIC unit.


Treasury may revoke your accepted OIC, reinstating your previously compromised debt.

OIC revoked? Learn more