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How is an OIC Revoked?

  • missed payments on an accepted OIC;
  • future unfiled required returns;
  • unpaid tax liabilities
  • hidden property or income;
  • intentionally mislead Treasury by withholding, falsifying, or destroying any book, document, or record;
  • made false statements related to their financial condition or the financial condition of the estate for those who are liable for the tax; or
  • did not comply with the conditions of the accepted OIC, especially missing payments on your installment agreement.

After Your OIC is Revoked

  • your previously compromised debt will be reinstated; and
  • a Notice of Revocation of Offer in Compromise letter will be issued that provides the reasons for the revocation, the amount of tax debt reinstated, including the remaining balance and any penalties and interest due, and the number of payments made by the taxpayer under the accepted OIC.
Any payments made toward accepted offer will remain credited to the account.