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What is the difference between Michigan Treasury Online (MTO) and Business Tax eServices?

Business Tax eService is a web service portal for business taxpayers to ask Treasury account-specific or general questions quickly and securely. Michigan Treasury Online (MTO) is Treasury's web service portal for business tax taxpayers and their service providers to file, pay, and manage their state-level taxes.

Business Tax Video Tutorials

Account Specific Inquiries - CIT

Account Specific Inquiries - MBT

Account Specific Inquiries - SUW

General Inquiries - CIT

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Error Handling Information

Technical Errors

Technical errors are accompanied by an Error Code and Description on the screen. At the end of the Error Code, there is a 3-digit number. When calling Treasury providing that to the Customer Service representative that you speak to will expedite the process to get you back on track.

eServices Technical error

Non-Technical Errors

Non-Technical errors will display both with a Message (i.e. No Match Found) and instructions on how to resolve those errors.

eServices Non-Technical error

Potential Errors and the Actions Required to Resolve Them

Error Text Action Required
Not Successful
Contact Treasury at 517-636-4486.
No Match Found,
Try Again
Click "Start Over" - this error indicates that you have provided a combination of information that doesn't match our records.
Account Locked Please wait for 24 hours and try again.
Duplicate Email Go to MiLogin and update your user profile. The same email cannot be used for multiple accounts.
Login Failed Click "Go Home" to attempt to log in again.
Missing Email Go to MiLogin and update your user profile with an email address.
Connection Timeout Try your action again in a few minutes.


Error Codes

The 3-digit number in the Error Code will allow you to do a little troubleshooting on your own. Below is a table of details on how to handle each code.

Sub Code Possible Resolution
000 Something went wrong, refresh your browser, and attempt the action again.
001 There has been no activity on the page for 15 minutes. Refresh your browser and attempt the action again. 
002 The information provided does not match anything on record. Check your entries for completeness and accuracy and try again.
003 A connectivity issue has occurred. Please try again, and if the problem persists, contact Treasury.