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Business Tax FAQ

  • No. If you would like to set up an Individual Income Tax account, you will need to sign up with new login information.
  • General inquiries should be limited to questions that are not related to a specific tax account or issue. Account specific questions sent to Treasury through the general inquiry option will not be answered.
  • You will receive a response within 7 business days of submitting your inquiry. You will receive an email notification when a response is available on the eService. However, you may check the status of an inquiry at any time by clicking "View Response" and entering the service request number and associated email address.
  • An account specific inquiry pertains to a particular tax account. When selecting an account specific topic inquiry, you will need to provide details about the tax account and yourself so Treasury can verify that you are authorized to receive information. The type of account specific inquiry you can make differs by tax type but there is always an "other" option.
  • No. Once an inquiry is submitted, you are not able to edit the information that has been submitted. If you need to edit or change the information, you must submit another inquiry.
  • If you enter inaccurate information three times, you will be temporarily locked out. Please take time to verify your information and try again after 24 hours.
  • This error indicates that you have entered a combination of account information or service request record details that does not match a record in our system. Verify the accuracy of the information you entered and try again.
  • Make note of the error code and description and contact us at 517-636-4486. Providing that to the Customer Service representative that you speak to will expedite the process to get you back on track.
  • No. At this time, you cannot attach any files to an inquiry.