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Corporate Tax Base 1. May taxpayers take the IRC 199 deduction for CIT purposes?

No. For federal tax purposes, the deduction under IRC 199 provides a tax benefit for certain domestic production activities. In particular, IRC 199 allows a deduction equal to a specified percentage of the taxpayer's qualified production activities income for the tax year.

This federal deduction, however, does not flow through to the CIT. The CIT defines "federal taxable income" to mean "taxable income as defined in section 63 of the internal revenue code, except that federal taxable income shall be calculated as if . . . section 199 of the [IRC was] not in effect." MCL 206.607(1). Thus, to the extent that the IRC 199 deduction is included in the calculation of federal taxable income for federal tax purposes, the amount of that deduction must be added back in calculating federal taxable income for CIT purposes.