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    • Women's National Business Council logo Financial Support for Women Business Owners

      Here's an important lead for the women business owners in your community! The federal government is stepping up its efforts to put federal dollars in the hands of women small business owners with the recently implemented Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) Federal Contracting Program. Women small business owners stand to benefit greatly from increased access to the federal procurement marketplace and The National Women’s Business Council wants to spread the message.  Join them online for their next Public Meeting on Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 from 2pm-4pm, to learn more.  RSVP today!

    • MeL Logo - Michigan eLibrary MeLCat Requesting Will Be Turned Off November 18th 12:01 a.m.

      The MeLCat servers are being moved to a new host site and upgraded. Due to the complexity of the traffic flow between all the affected servers and the problems that arise when that traffic is interrupted in certain ways, we determined that doing a complete shutdown would result in the fewest problems for users as well as for library staff. Please click on the link above for full information.

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      Initially inspired by the Library's historical newspaper clippings, we wanted to bring the events of the state to social media. With our focus on what's happening in Michigan and statewide library services we felt that Facebook would be an expedient avenue with which to circulate news and events. Join us!

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      The Library of Michigan has an active Twitter presence. Check out new books coming into the library, staff happenings, Notable Book events, information about Michigan authors and Great Lakes books, Michigan history facts and figures and more. Join us on Twitter and participate in the Michigan conversation!

    • Michigan Humanities Council Prime Time Family Reading Time

      The Michigan Humanities Council is currently accepting applications for spring 2016 sessions of Prime Time Family Reading Time. Prime Time strives to bring underserved communities into host libraries to help families bond around the act of reading and learning together.  The program also enables host sites to show families everything their local library has to offer.  Grant awards of up to $13,000 are available to implement this award-winning program.  For more information please visit the Michigan Humanities Council website and/or contact program manager James Nelson at email, jnelson@mihumanities.org, or by phone at (517) 372-7770.

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    • Humanity in Photography of North American Indians Humanity in Photography of North American Indians with Doug Price

      Date:  December 12, 2015  
      Time:  01:00 PM - 02:00 PM 
      Lake Michigan Room, 3rd floor

      Doug Price, an Ann Arbor collector of photographs will present Humanity in Photography of North American Indians. Price will also showcase images from his own collection of American Indian photography including original images from Frank Rinehart, Edward Curtis, Karl Moon and Michigan’s Grace Chandler among others. Of special importance are the Chandler photographs of Indians in the Harbor Springs area at the turn of the century taken during performances of a Hiawatha Pageant and of everyday events.



    • John M. Clor Mustang John Clor, Mustang 2015

      Date:  January 9, 2015  
      Time:  01:00 PM - 02:00 PM 
      Lake Michigan Room, 3rd floor

      Veteran automotive journalist and author John M. Clor has long been a regular columnist for a number of magazines specializing in the Ford Mustang. His current published column, “Ford Performance Corner” is the top-read monthly feature in Mustang Times magazine, the official publication of the Mustang Club of America.

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  • Local History Resources

    • Underwater Archaeology

       archaeologists scuba diving in Lake HuronRecently, the Library had the honor of hosting researcher and author Ashley K. Lemke from the Universtiy of Michigan's Museum of Anthropological Archaeology. Ms. Lemke spoke about her adventures with Caribou Hunting in the Upper Great Lakes, which also happens to be the title of her recent book.  If you missed her talk, you can catch her appearance on Detroit Public Television's SciTech Now program.  Intrigued by the topic?  Visit the Library to read more!

    If You Seek a Cool Resource...come to the Library!

    • Hidden Gems - In the Michigan Collection!

      Papers of the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters sketch map showing coleopteran stations at whitefish point, Chippewa county, Michigan

      You want to explore history and science in Michigan, but where to start? Once great resource you should try is the Papers of the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters. Today it is known as the Michigan Academician. The publication covers many subjects such as history, botany, forestry, economics, etc. Please browse the past issues at the Library of Michigan.



    On the Other Hand: Resources for State Employees

    • LexisNexis Digital Library

      Discover an easy and convenient new way to access legal information with the  lexisnexis digital library logo

      LexisNexis Digital Library, a 24/7  collection of key titles  provided by the State Law Library for the benefit of our fellow state employees.   Use the Library’s resources where you need them the most at your desk or on your mobile devices.  Take a test run today!

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  • News for Michigan Libraries

    • Library Upload Library Upload at Kent District Library

      Technology and IT departments in libraries can be small – or sometimes non-existent! Ever feel isolated in your tech projects? Or feel like you must be reinventing the wheel?

      If so – please register for the first LibraryUpload event! The focus of these meetings will be projects and issues that face anyone with the responsibility of IT in their library. The goal is to get together regularly, share our own projects, ask questions, and learn from others in similar IT-type situations. This is the event created by IT people for IT people. Please register by December 21, 2015

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    • E-Rate/Broadband Update from ALA Washington Office at ARSL


      1. E-rate is an important tool to make sure your library has the internet connection that allows your patrons to do what they need to do online.
      2. It’s time to think beyond the basics and E-rate can help you plan for your library’s future broadband needs.
      3. It’s ok to ask questions even if you don’t know exactly how to ask: We’re librarians and we love information and we love to share!
      4. There are people who can help.