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State Aid, Penal Fines, and PPT

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Library Of Michigan

State Aid, Penal Fines, and PPT

Penal Fines

Information on the allocation,  calculation, disbursement and other factors affecting penal fines distributed to public libraries under MI Const. Art. VII, Sec. 9.

State Aid

Find information on The State Aid to Libraries Act 1977 PA 89, application instructions, annual per capita aid amounts, statistical information on payments to libraries, and options for assistance.

Personal Property Tax Reimbursement (PPT)

Find explanations, and information on the amounts and processes of the MI State program to reimburse public libraries for millage funds lost as a result of the abolishment of the Business Personal Property Tax (PPT).

Renaissance Zone Reimbursements

A listing of the FY 2023 renaissance zone reimbursement amounts for each eligible public library.