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Library Communication Channels

2023 Library of Michigan About the Library Communication Channels Keyboard
Library Of Michigan

Library Communication Channels

You can find listservs and other communication channels moderated or hosted by Library of Michigan staff here. Use the links provided to subscribe or sign up to participate.

Digital Digest
The Library of Michigan's monthly newsletter for information focused on digitization, digital access, and digital preservation initiatives around the state. This newsletter highlights programs and services from the Library of Michigan and partner organizations, grant opportunities, and digitization-related news. For more information, contact Biz Gallo at

Michigan libraries job postings, important information about the Michigan eLibrary and other statewide initiatives, policy questions, help with problems, name that poem or book, offers of old runs of journals, discussion about the state of libraries, library furniture for sale - everything library-related except advertising by commercial vendors. Michlib-L is where many official notices from the Library of Michigan and other statewide library groups are made. For more information, contact Library of Michigan at

LM Dispatch
The Library of Michigan's bimonthly newsletter with information of interest to all library types. Learn about the happenings at the state library, state and national initiatives, library success stories, co-op news, news from the State Librarian, and more in every email issue. For more information, contact Library of Michigan at

MeL Minute
A bi-weekly bulletin about items of interest to users of the Michigan eLibray ( suite of resources.

Closed listserv for coordinators and staff of Michigan Documents depository libraries and the staff of the Library of Michigan to communicate program information, post queries and exchange ideas, comments and news related to Michigan government resources. For more information, contact Bernadette Bartlett at

Listserv for members of the Michigan library community and non-profit organizational partners to exchange information about accessibility services for all ages, including adaptive programming, collection development, assistive technologies and special items of interest to those working with the disability community as library patrons.

Listserv for members of the Michigan Library Data Group and library staff interested in data topics relevant to libraries. The list provides support, announces data related news, facilitates group conversation, announces upcoming meetings, and encourages data experimentation. For more information, contact Joseph Hamlin at

Online forum for interested local history librarians and practitioners to exchange ideas, stimulate conversation and ask questions related to management of local history collections including issues like organization, preservation, digitization, access, use policies, etc. Members are also encouraged to use this list to offer duplicate or unneeded local history materials to other institutions or groups.

Listserv specifically for public library staff who conduct children and teen programming and services. Library of Michigan's Youth Services Coordinator announces training, resources and other programs for public library staff. Members of the library community may use it for discussing youth services related topics. For more information, contact Youth Services Coordinator, Cathy Lancaster at

For library staff members using the Ploud software to create and maintain library Web sites in Michigan. For more information, contact Library of Michigan at

Special Collections Update
Bulletin highlighting the collections, services, and resources provided by the Library of Michigan's Special Collections staff. For more information, contact

Trustee Times
Bulletin with content of interest to public library trustees and library directors. Learn about training, resources and support for those serving as library trustees in Michigan. For more information, contact Clare Membiela at

K-12 School Library/Media Center & Educator Community
Bulletin for those interested in topics related to the K-12 school library media center community such as the SL21 program, statewide resources, materials and events for use by K-12 students and staff. For more information, contact Karren Reish at

Updated 12/20/2023