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Public Library Cooperatives in Michigan

There are eleven public library cooperatives in the state of Michigan created by PA 89 of 1977.

Public library cooperatives provide member libraries with access to resource sharing, library development and training. These organizations are funded by a 1/3 portion of the total state aid to public libraries appropriated annually based on their population served. They may also receive a portion of the state aid paid directly to their member libraries for the purchase of the services that they provide.

Per section MCL 397.554 public library cooperatives submit to the Library of Michigan a plan for library services which sets forth a statement describing services that will be provided to member libraries, the means and agencies by which the services will be provided without duplication of existing resources and expertise, and the cooperative board that will receive funds and execute duties. Plans of service should be submitted to the State Librarian's office at the Library of Michigan.

Details on State Aid to Public Libraries funding dispersed to cooperatives can be found on the State Aid to Public Libraries web page.

Please visit the links below to find more details on each of the cooperatives.

Detroit Library Cooperative: Detroit, MI
Jo Anne Mondowney-Director  


Lakeland Library Cooperative: Grand Rapids MI
Carol Dawe-Director
LLC Plan of Service  


Mid-Michigan Library League: Cadillac, MI
Jennifer Balcom-Director
MMLL Plan of Service


Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative:  Flint, MI
Eric Palmer-Director
MMLC Plan of Service  


Northland Library Cooperative: Charlevoix, MI
Linda Adams-Director
NLC Plan of Service    


Southwest Library Cooperative: Paw Paw, MI
Andrea Estelle-Director  
SWLC Plan of Service    


Suburban Library Cooperative:  Sterling Heights, MI
Mallorie DeVilbiss-Director     
Suburban Library Cooperative Plan of Service


Superiorland Library Cooperative: Marquette, MI
Dillon Geshel-Director 
Superiorland Library Cooperative Plan of Service  


The Library Network: Novi, MI
Steven Bowers-Director
TLN Plan of Service


White Pine Library Cooperative: Caro, MI
Kate  Van Auken-Director
WPLC Plan of Service   


Woodlands Library Cooperative: Albion, MI
Kate Pohjola Andrade-Director
WLC Plan of Service     

More information regarding public library cooperatives can be found at Michigan Library Cooperative Directors Association website including a map of cooperative regions in Michigan.