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QSAC (Quality Services Audit Checklist)

Quality Services Audit Checklist: WWW.MICHIGAN.GOV/QSAC

What's New with QSAC?

QSAC measures were updated in December of 2019.

QSAC measures AND certifications are on a three-year update and renewal schedule to ensure the measures and libraries stay on top of quality service. The Library of Michigan works with volunteer librarians every three years to revise the measures based on participating libraries' experiences and new trends in library services, programs and technology. It is our goal that QSAC measures will continue to provide direction and support for libraries as they look to both improve their services and justify their services to funders.

Get a QSAC logo! You can find jpgs of the QSAC logos by level below and you can also request a QSAC logo window cling for your building by contacting the Library of Michigan at 517-335-1516.

Current QSAC Libraries

Welcome to Quality Services Audit Checklist (QSAC)

Welcome to QSAC

Welcome to the Quality Service Audit Checklist (QSAC) program. QSAC is a voluntary management standards program that assists public libraries by setting benchmarks for Governance & Administration, Human Resources, Services, Collection Development, Technology, Facilities & Equipment and Public Relations. The Library of Michigan recognizes public libraries as they achieve each level. Libraries can be certified at the Essential, Enhanced and Excellent levels.

Basic requirements for QSAC certification: To achieve certification at a level, a library must meet the requirements for state aid to public libraries, the measures at that level and the measures at all levels below that level.

To submit a QSAC application:
1. Click the link below for the level you wish to work on. Complete the form(s) for the level you wish to be certified for. Please note that in order to achieve Enhanced and Excellent levels, you must complete the level(s)under the one you wish to achieve. When the form is completed, you will automatically be redirected to the Certification form. 

3. Upon completion, please sign (director and one trustee) the Certification Form and mail the completed form to the address listed. LM will purge incomplete applications after 6 months.

4. The Library of Michigan will send you a certificate, letter and a window cling and will also send a letter to your state representative and senator notifying them of your achievement. A sample press release is provided below.

5. If you plan to immediately apply for an additional certification level, Enhanced and/or Excellent, begin the same procedure with the new level and submit all completed applications together.  You can also wait and submit your next certification level once you receive your initial Excellent certification. 

6. All certified libraries need to reapply for certification every three years since the measures are updated on a three-year cycle.

Help: If you need to edit your report after submitting your certification form or if you have any questions, please contact the Library of Michigan 517-335-1516.

QSAC Forms