Photocopy and Print Guidelines

All photocopies and printouts from the internet, our CD-Rom network and online databases are $0.20.

Why Copy Cards?

For your convenience the Library of Michigan uses copy cards instead of currency for photocopying and printing. These plastic cards eliminate the need for change.

Obtaining and Using a Copy Card

A $1 bill buys a reusable card encoded with $1 of credit. The balance can be increased up to $10. Two dispensers, located on the 2nd floor in the Reference area and the 3rd floor in the Law Library, accept denominations of $1, $5 and $10.

As you make copies, the correct amount is deducted and the new balance is displayed on the card reader. When your card is empty, return to a dispenser and replenish the balance. We suggest signing the back of your card to help identify it should you leave it in a copier. The card is good indefinitely at the Library of Michigan.

The Library of Michigan cannot refund money remaining on copy cards.

Photocopying from Print and Microform

Materials from our collections that are in good condition may be photocopied within the limits of current copyright laws. Photocopying is not allowed for items with brittle or loose pages, broken spines, loose covers, in protective boxes or larger than 8 1/2" by 14". Many of these titles have microform equivalents from which copies can be made. Please ask for assistance in identifying microform sources at a service desk, or check ANSWER, our online catalog. Scanning or digital photography may be an option for some of these materials. Please consult library staff if you have questions about a particular item. The Library also has a flatbed scanner; some of these items may be suitable for scanning. Scanned images can be saved to a flash drive.

The Library of Michigan has photocopiers for microfiche and microfilm and a microfilm scanner. Users scanning images may save files to a flash drive.

When the condition of an item allows, copies of materials in the rare collection will be made by Rare Book Room staff. The material may be scanned - in color, grayscale or b&w up to 24"x33". Patrons may choose from the following delivery methods: email, compact disc, or hard copy (on 8.5x11 paper). There is a charge of $1.00 per scan/copy and an additional $1.00 charge for a compact disc. Patrons may also request permission to photograph materials with their digital cameras.

Questions? Please ask at any service desk.

Reviewed 07/16/2013