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Please contact Evette Atkin, Library Continuing Education Coordinator with any questions.


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Please contact Karren Reish, Library of Michigan Grants Coordinator with any questions. 


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Parade of Elephants: Ready to Read Michigan 2020 with Jenifer Strauss 
(Recorded 02/20/2020)
The Library of Michigan’s Ready to Read Michigan 2020 program will feature the book, Parade of Elephants by Kevin Henkes. In this informative and interactive webinar, Storyteller and Narrative Consultant, Jenifer Strauss featured A Parade of Elephants and then share a plethora of ideas to build a storytime for your youngest patrons using this sweet, action-filled story. 

Starting a School Outreach Program from Scratch: What Worked, What Didn’t, and Everything In Between
A webinar with Clinton-Macomb Public Library’s Amy Young and Brittany Wesner
(Recorded 01/15/2020)
How Clinton-Macomb Public Library went from little school outreach to developing a streamlined plan that allows to see over 20,000 students a year.  Focus on how developing curriculum-based, grade specific programs helped to appeal to teachers and administrators while still attracting students to participate. These strategies can be adapted to serve communities of any size. Additionally, the differences between curriculum-based school outreach and relationship-based school outreach was shared, as well as how to meet the need of schools from varying socioeconomic backgrounds.

Read By Grade Three: What Public Libraries Need to Know
How can Public Libraries and other key stakeholders support literacy for all young learners in Michigan? In 2015, Michigan ranked 46th in the nation based on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) 4th Grade Reading Scores. Join the webinar to better understand the Michigan Read by Grade Three Law, what school districts are doing today, and to learn how libraries can help to promote literacy learning.  Presenters: Laural Triebel and Lisa Brown, Early Literacy Coaching Consultants, Office of Educational Supports, MDE; Cathy Lancaster, Youth Services Coordinator, Library of Michigan.

Creating a Tween Collection - Karen M. Smith
Thinking of creating a collection just for tweens? Curious why such a collection is important? Join Karen M. Smith, a Michigan librarian and author of "Creating a Tween Collection: A Practical guide for Librarians," as she shares tips on tween literature, carving out a space, budgeting, and more.

No Place to Go: Homeless Youth and Libraries 
There are nearly 40,000 identified homeless youth in Michigan public schools, from preschool to 12th grade, including over 5,000 students not living with a legal parent or guardian. Highlighting National Homeless Awareness Week, this webinar will detail the different categories of homelessness, how to recognize a family or child struggling with homelessness, and will identify local resources and ways libraries can connect families to assistance. Presenter: Pam Kies-Lowe, State Coordinator for Homeless Education/Homeless Education Consultant; Michigan Department of Education Office of Educational Supports.

Teen Clubs - featuring Amy Alessio, with contrubtions from Heather Booth 
Want to keep the momentum going after a successful teen event? That “one off” can easily be turned into a popular monthly club that will keep young adults coming back. "Club Programs for Teens: 100 Activities for the Entire Year" authors Amy Alessio and Heather Booth share how-to tips.  

Adapted Sensory Programming for All Ages and All Budgets - With presenters: Jen Taggart of Bloomfield Township Public Library, Laura Hollister & Sarah Skinner of Niles District Library, and Marta-Kate Jackson of Cromaine District Library. 

Best Storytelling Practices: A Webinar Series with Jenifer Strauss of Story Be Told
Stepping Gently Outside of Your Comfort Zone 
In this interactive webinar, Storyteller and Narrative Consultant, Jenifer Strauss will encourages you to step gently out of your comfort zone and create storytime programs with a new twist and some unique razz-a-ma-taz! Jen will be presenting innovative, “Out of the Box” ideas for storytime planning and model new use-right-away songs, stories and activities. (Recorded 01/21/2020)

Act It Out and Play
Every Child Ready to Read states, “Play is one of the best ways for children to learn language and literacy skills. They learn about language through playing as the activities help them put thoughts into words and talk about what they are doing”. In this highly active webinar, Storyteller and Narrative Consultant, Jenifer Strauss presents books that lend themselves to PLAY!

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away 
Combining her years as a science teacher and storyteller, Jenifer Strauss will help you build programs for families using the 2019 Summer Reading Theme; Space: A Universe of Stories. Jen will be sharing factual and fictional stories and songs and then demonstrating cool STEM activities for families to engage in together including some rocket launching and moon rock making!

Touch the Brightest Star: Ready to Read Michigan 2019
In 2019, the Library of Michigan Ready to Read Program will feature the book, Touch the Brightest Star by Christie Matheson. This book is perfect for the 2019 Summer Reading Program theme; Space: A Universe of Stories. In this informative and interactive webinar, Storyteller and Narrative Consultant, Jenifer Strauss will feature Touch the Brightest Star and then give a plethora of ideas for building a storytime for your youngest patrons using this book and the 2019 SRP theme.

Storytime is Your Time to Shine! 
The healthy brain development of children 0-6 is experience dependent. Narrative Consultant Jenifer Strauss will explain why children need a variety of stimulating and diverse activities to grow and learn. Parenting in a media-saturated society is a challenge. Youth Librarians are role models for healthy language experiences that build literacy skills in children and confidence in parents. Join Jen for this lively webinar and learn why #STORYTIMESMATTER!

Put the Book Down and Engage!
In this live webinar, narrative consultant/storyteller, Jenifer Strauss showed participants how to use storytelling to promote language, literacy and healthy brain development. Participants learned how to choose stories from favorite authors and turn them in to interactive language experiences for young children. For the handout for Put the Book Down and Engage, please message Cathy Lancaster (Recorded 10/24/17)

Full Body Storytime: Moving and Grooving with Stories, Songs, Rhythms and Rhymes
Movement is a child’s first language! Combine movement with rhythm and you have the foundation for literacy skills like listening, speaking, reading and writing. This webinar features stories, songs, play, and movement.  (Recorded 12/19/17)


Imagine Your Story: Ideas & Tips from the Library of Michigan’s Youth Services Advisory Council
[Recorded 1/7/2020]
Programming ideas and tips for the Collaborative Summer Library Program’s 2020 summer reading program, “Imagine Your Story,” are shared from your peers in the field.  Presenters: Kaelyn Christian of Georgetown Township Public Library; Anne Clark of the Bay County Library System; Liz Clauder of Bloomfield Township Library; Lindsay Fricke of the Novi Public Library;  Dena Moscheck, Bay County Library System; Monica Porter of the University of Michigan Library; Gillian Streeter of the Muskegon Area District Library; Stephanie Wambaugh of the Braille and Talking Book Library, and Cathy Lancaster, Library of Michigan.  

Meet Up & Eat Up: Summer Food Services Program.  Presenters: Cathy Lancaster, Library of Michigan and Sara Harmon, Michigan Department of Education. The Michigan Department of Education aims to feed the whole child the whole year. Join the Meet Up and Eat Up Summer Food Service Program Staff to learn about expanding the SFSP to your area. The webinar covers SFSP basics, requirements for sponsors who operate the SFSP, sites who provide healthy meals to children, and site activity options.  (Recorded 4.19.18)

Summer Reading Stats and Wandoo Reader with Joesph Hamlin and Kathy Kosinski, Library of Michigan.  Presntation covers Wandoo's report features and how to use the data your library collects on reading clubs using Wandoo. (Recorded Spring 2018)


"Every Child Ready to Read Library Staff Workshop" March, 2016 with Sue McCleaf Nespeca 
"Early Literacy & Learning Spaces" April, 2016 with Sue McCleaf Nespeca  
"Storytime for Babies," July, 2016 with Sue McCleaf Nespeca 
"Early Literacy Tips for Storytime: 2's & 3's" August, 2016 with Sue McCleaf Nespeca 
"Early Literacy Tips for Storytime: Preschool" November, 2016 with Sue McCleaf Nespeca 
"Mixed Aged Storytime Tips" January, 2017 with Sue McCleaf Nespeca 
"Every Child Ready to Read Family Engagement & Kindergarten Readiness," May 2017, with Sue McCleaf Nespeca
"DAP Storytime Basics," July 2017 with Sue McCleaf Nespeca
"Working with ECE's and Volunteers for Early Literacy," October 2017 with Sue McCleaf Nespeca
"Every Child Ready to Read Initiative Wrap-up," November 2017 with Sue McCleaf Nespeca

These webinars are supported in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

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