• LSTA Improving Access to Information Grant Program

    This LSTA grant program is designed to provide public and academic libraries with the opportunity to expand services for learning and access to information and/or to develop library services that provide all users access to information. The intent is to fund one-year projects that increase capacity to provide access to library collections and information. In a given fiscal year, the Library of Michigan will fund a limited number of grants that meet these priorities.

    2019/2020 Grantees: Eastern Michigan University Library, Fowlerville District Library, Howell Carnegie District Library, Saint Clair County Library System, and Western Michigan University. The press release describes the projects.


    • Increase a library’s capacity to offer services & information in areas of literacy.
    • Increase a library’s capacity to offer services & information in areas of local history or special collections.
    • Increase a library’s capacity to improve access to information for community users with limited access.

    Applicants may propose a project for any of the three priorities listed. Grants may be awarded to:

    • Develop or increase the scope of literacy projects in the broad sense, such as early literacy, financial literacy, digital literacy, ESL, etc.;
    • Develop or improve access to local history or special collections;
    • Improve access to online information and services for users with limited access.


    Michigan public and academic libraries. Public libraries must be legally established and eligible for state aid at the time of application. Eligibility will be confirmed by the Library of Michigan.


    The Library of Michigan announces each fiscal year whether competitive grant funds are available. The grant period is one year (October - September) and funding is for $5,000 to $25,000 per year.


    • Application Due Date  - Last Business Day of May
    • Grants Awarded - August
    • Grants Award Period - October 1 - September 30


    • Improving Access to Information Grant Overview and Application
      • 2020 date TBA
      • 2020 date TBA

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