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Library of Michigan Collection Highlights

A large Michigan newspaper collection includes both current publications and titles on microform back to the 1800s. In addition to a general reference collection, more than 300 compact discs are available online through a librarywide network.

The library's concentration of Michigan materials spans a number of collections and encompasses all aspects and time periods of the state and its people.

In addition to Michigan books, periodicals, newspapers and maps, relevant information may be found in genealogical resources, and state and federal government documents.

Our Responsibilities

The Library of Michigan is the official state library agency for Michigan. On October 1, 2009 the Library became part of the Department of Education. Library collections housed at the Michigan Library and Historical Center in downtown Lansing total more than 3 million hardcover books, bound periodical volumes and government documents. Extensive files of newspapers and other items in microform raise the collection total to more than 5.64 million items stored on more than 27 miles of shelving.

Updated 02/10/2010