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Patron Behavior Guidelines


Appropriate behaviors protect the rights of Library patrons to use Library materials and services, protect the rights of staff to conduct Library business without interference, and preserves Library materials and facilities. The Library of Michigan is open to all with the understanding that an atmosphere conducive to research and study is maintained.


On the Library's premises, patrons may not engage in illegal activities, and shall not interfere with the use of the Library by others.

Failure to comply with the Patron Guidelines at the Library of Michigan may result in suspension or removal of library privileges or in legal action. Users violating the Patron Behavior Guidelines will be subject to the following:

  • Any individual refusing to comply with the library's Patron Behavior Guidelines will be asked to cease such behavior or leave the Library.
  • Any individual refusing to comply with the Patron Behavior Guidelines may result in a report to building security or the Michigan State Police. The individual may be removed without notice from the building. Such a removal may result in a suspension of library privileges from the Library of Michigan.

If such a suspension occurs it may be appealed to the State Librarian.


Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs

The Library is a designated "Smoke Free" environment. Patrons shall not possess or consume alcohol, tobacco, marihuana, or illegal drugs in the Library. For purposes of this policy, "tobacco" includes chewing tobacco and all forms of vaping; "marihuana" includes all forms of marijuana use, including but not limited to smoking, edibles, and vaping. "Drugs" includes but is not limited by, all illegal narcotics and substances, as described in MCL 333.7101 et seq of the Michigan Public Health Code, but do not include over the counter or prescription medication taken by the person the prescription designates.


Except for service animals, patrons shall not bring pets or animals into the Library. Service animals do not include Emotional or Therapy support animals.

Bathing or washing clothing

Patrons shall not wash or dry clothing or bathe in any rest room.

Bikes, roller blades and skateboards

Patrons shall not bring bicycles into the Library building or secure them anywhere except in designated bike racks. Roller skates, roller blades, skateboards, scooters, and similar equipment may not be worn or used in the Library.

Blocking aisles or doorways

Patrons shall not obstruct aisles or doorways or otherwise cause a dangerous situation with electrical cords or belongings. Library equipment cannot be unplugged to accommodate non-Library equipment.


Patrons shall be responsible for any of their fees or other charges in accordance with the Library's standard schedules. Failure to pay these fees may result in the suspension of borrowing privileges.


Food is not permitted in the library. Covered Beverages are allowed.

Noise and Other Disturbances

Patrons shall not run or disturb others by such activities as loud behavior, talk or music. With the exception of patrons using adaptive technology devices, patrons shall use headphones with all audio equipment and at a volume which cannot ordinarily be overheard by others.

Personal belongings

Patrons shall take responsibility for their own belongings. The Library of Michigan is not responsible for patrons' personal property.

Respecting Other's Rights

Patrons shall not interfere with the use of the Library by other patrons or by Library employees performing their duties. This includes refraining from any activity that could prevent or negatively affect other patrons' use of the library, or with a Library employee's or contractor's performance of their duties.

Headphone or "Ear Bud" use

With the exception of patrons using adaptive technology devices, patrons shall use headphones with all audio equipment and at a volume which cannot ordinarily be overheard by others. "Audio Equipment" for purposes of this policy includes phones, recording devices, computers and other internet or Wi-Fi enabled devices or tablets, and any device capable of emitting a sound loud enough to be heard by people other than the user of the device.

Shirt and shoes

Patrons shall wear footwear and a shirt or other covering of their upper bodies.


Patrons shall not solicit funds or sell any article or service without written authorization from the Director of Facilities for the Michigan Library and Historical Center.

Theft and Mutilation

Patrons shall not deface, mar, damage or destroy Library materials, furnishings, walls, machines, or other Library property. Patrons shall not destroy, alter, dismantle, or disfigure any electronic data, information technologies, properties, or facilities. Theft or willful destruction or mutilation of library property are considered crimes under the Michigan Penal Code (MCL 750.364, MCL 750.491), and will be treated as such. Any materials removed from the Library must be checked out on a valid Library card and returned by the item's due date.


The Library has been designated a smoke-free environment and the use of tobacco products is prohibited. See alcohol, drugs, and tobacco policy above.


No weapons are permitted in the Library of Michigan, other than those specifically permitted by law. Brandishing or intimidation using legally possessed weapons will be reported to Michigan State Police.


Photography that does not inhibit or prevent the use of the library by other patrons, is permitted in all public areas of the building. The Library Privacy Act, MCL 397.601et seq, protects patrons' information rights and prohibits the identifiable photography of other patrons using the library. Areas labeled "non-public or "staff only" are not accessible by the public for any reason, including photography.

Revised - 12/8/2021 TG/CM/RR