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Appendix A - Human Resources

Is your library staffed by people who are dedicated to service and motivated by a desire to serve the public in a competent, efficient, and friendly manner? The employment of qualified personnel is the most vital responsibility of the board and library administration. This section seeks to ensure that library administration select and train people who are dedicated to quality service.


A complete employee manual is an important part of human resources management. The Genesee District Library has provided a copy of their employee handbook. Genesee has achieved QSAC Excellent status and the handbook is one example of excellent human resources management.

Genesee District Library Employee Handbook

Traverse Area District Library

Suggested topics for library personnel policies and/or handbooks:

Note: All employee information guides or personnel policies should be reviewed by the library's attorney.


Aside from the specifics of the particular job, an orientation programs contains the following items:

  • Introduction to the library's mission statement, philosophy, goals, and services;
  • Instruction on how the employee's position fits into the above;
  • If applicable, explanation on how the library works with other branches of government;
  • Customer training sessions;
  • Library policies and procedures
  • Organizational chart;
  • Tour and map of the physical facility;
  • Introduction to other staff;
  • Telephone system training;
  • Emergency and security policies including emergency telephone numbers
  • Work schedule;
  • Parking;
  • Training in specific job duties, including training to assist patrons in the use of available electronic resources.

Some libraries assign a more experienced employee, a "buddy," to a new employee for the first month of service.

New Hire Training Materials from the Kent District Library