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Appendix D - Collection Development

Are you acquiring, organizing, maintaining, and making available information in a variety of formats? The second of the two primary functions of a library is to acquire, organize, maintain, and make available information in a range of formats to meet the needs of your community. Collection management needs to conform to the library's collection development policies. Allocation of the materials budget reflects the library library's long-range plan for meeting the needs and interests of the entire community.

Web sites covering all aspects:

Collection Development Policy

  • Fundamentals of Collection Development and Management by Peggy Johnson. Chicago: ALA, 2009.
  • Managing and Analyzing Your Collection: A Practical Guide for Small Libraries and School Media Centers by Carol Doll and Pamela Petrick Barron. Chicago: ALA, 2002.
  • Washoe County Library: Collection Development Policy

Recommended collection development policies and plans may include:

Some collection development policies also include:

  • Breakdown of collection by classification number and fiction genre with accompanying narrative addressing scope and weeding schedule
  • Breakdown of media collection by format with accompanying narrative addressing scope and weeding schedule

A review of any collection development plan includes an analysis of collection usage to determine its effectiveness, based on the goals, priorities and/or roles called for in the library's strategic plan.