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African American Fiction - 21st Century

The 21st century has been a fruitful time for African-American fiction authors from Michigan, or who write about Michigan. The Library of Michigan's collection includes a broad range of genres: romance, crime, memoir, urban and historical.

Brooks, Kimberley
He's Fine-but is he Saved?
PS3602.R66 H47 2004  
She That Findeth
PS3602.R6454 S54 2014

Bunton, Rita J.
The Battle is Not Yours
PS3602.U564 B38 2007

Burns, V. M. 
Wed, Read & Dead
PS3602.U767525 W4 2019 
Read Herring Hunt
PS3602.U76753 R43 2018  
The Plot is Murder
PS3602.U76753 P58 2017

Burton, Rainelle
The Root Worker
PS3602.U87 R66 2001

Carter, Larry R.
The King of Pearl
PS3603.A7848 K5 2008
The Pooka and the Paranormal
PS3603.A7848 P6 2005

Cintron, Esperanza
Shades: Detroit Love Stories (Michigan Notable Book, 2020)
PS3603.I5 S533 2019

Clark, Commodore B.
The Tower of Power
PS3603.L375 T69 2006

Cleage, Pearl
Babylon Sisters
PS3553.L389 B33 2006 
Some Things I Never Thought I'd Do
PS3553.L389 S66 2003 
I Wish I had a Red Dress
PS3553.L389 I2 2001 

Cole, Alyssa
When No One is Watching
PS3603.O427 W44 2020

Coleman, Janice
When Love Turns Into a Felony
PS3603.O54 W44 2006

Cooper, Desiree
Know the Mother (Michigan Notable Book 2017)
PS3603.O582615 K66 2016

Davis, Bridgett
Into the Go-Slow
PS3604.A9556 I58 2014 
Shifting Through Neutral
PS3604.A9556 S55 2004

Dickey, Eric Jerome
Tempted by Trouble
PS3554.I319 T46 2010

Dunbar, Natalie
Best of Friends
PS3554.U463368 B47 2007

Flournoy, Angela
The Turner House (Michigan Notable Book, 2016)
PS3606.L6813 T87 2015

Ford, Darnella
PS3606.O73 R57 2003

Frazier, Geavonnie
After Hours Girls: A Choose Your Own Adventure Story
PS3606.R4276 A38 2007
Time Out; Detroit Slim: a Multi-ending Urban Tale
PS3606.R4276 T56 2006
Time Out
PS3606.R4276 T54 2002

Giddings, Megan
Lakewood (Michigan Notable Book 2021)
PS3607.I2748 L35 2020

Gray, Anissa
The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls (Michigan Notable Book 2020)
PS3607.R3876 C37 2019

Hardwick, Gary
Color of Justice
PS3558.A62368 C64 2002
Supreme Justice
PS3558.A62368 S86 1999
Double Dead
PS3558.A62368 D68 1997

Harris, Bill
I Got to Keep Moving
PS3558.A6415 I3 2018

Harris, E. Lynn
What Becomes of the Brokenhearted
PS3558.A64438 Z468 2003
A Love of my Own
PS3558.A64438 L68 2002
Any Way the Wind Blows
PS3558.A64438 A57 2001

Head, Cheryl A.
Warn Me When It's Time
PS3608.E227 W37 2021
Wake Me When It's Over
PS3608.E33 W3 2018
Bury Me When I'm Dead
PS3608.E233 B87 2016

High, Egyirba
Tight Spaces
PS3569.C645 T54 1999

Hilmon, Darrious D.
5 Dimes
PS3608.I46 F59 2003

Hunter, Kim D.
The Official Report on Human Activity
PS3608.U593 A6 2018

The Real Hoodwives of Detroit
PS3609.N428 R43 2019

Jenkins, Beverly
PS3560.E4795 B74 2017
Stepping to a New Day: A Blessings Novel
PS3560.E4795 S74 2016
PS3560.E4795 F674 2016

Johnson, Freddie Lee
A Man Finds His Way
PS3610.O34 M3 2003
PS3545.O567 B57 2002

Jones, Stephen Mack
Dead of Winter (Michigan Notable Book, 2022)
PS3610.O6289 D43 2021
Lives Laid Away
PS3610.O6289 L35 2019
August Snow (Michigan Notable Books, 2018)
PS3610.O6289 A94 2017

McFarland, Jeni
The House of Deep Water
PS3613.C43945 H68 2020

McKnight, Reginald
He Sleeps
PS3563.C3833 H4 2001
White Boys: Stories
PS3563.C3833 W47 1998
The Kind of Light That Shines On Texas
PS3563.C3833 K56 1991

McLaurin, D. J. 
What If It Feels Good?
PS3613.C53 W43 2007

McMillan, Rosalyn
The Flip Side of Sin
PS3563.C3866 F58 2000
Blue Collar Blues
PS3563.C3866 B58 1998
One Better
PS3563.C3866 O54 1997

McMillan, Terry
I Almost Forgot About You
PS3563.C3868 I35 2016
The Interruption of Everything
PS3563.C3868 I58 2006
A Day Late and a Dollar Short
PS3563.C3868 D3 2001

Meadows, Lee E.
Silent Suspicion
PS3563.E1698 S55 2000
Silent Conspiracy
PS3563.E1698 S55 1996

Muhanji, Cherry
PS3563.U367 H4 2006
Tight Spaces
PS3569.C645 T54 1999

Neff, Heather
PS3564.E2625 W57 2002
PS3564.E2625 B58 2000

Nicholas, Denise
Freshwater Road
PS3614.I337 F74 2005

Randall, Alice
Black Bottom Saints (Michigan Notable Book 2021)
PS3568.A486 B53 2020

Robinson, Cheryl
It's Like That
PS3618.O323 I87 2006
If It Ain't One Thing
PS3618.O323 I34 2005

Scott, Kesho
Tight Spaces
PS3569.C645 T54 1999

Simpson, Karen
Act of Grace
PS3569.I495 A28 2011

Thomas, Tommy L.
Vendetta: You Reap What You Sow
PS3570.H588 V47 2008

Tutman, Paula L.
Deadline! Book One: A Serial Novel
PS3570.U785 D43 2008

Wright, Elle
Enticed By You
PS3623.R5355 E58 2018
Touched By You
PS3623.R5355 T68 2018
Wherever You Are
PS3623.R5355 W43 2018

Wynn, Angela Patrick
Everything She Wants
PS3573.Y6 E94 1999

Updated: 2/11/2022