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Firekeeper's Daughter Readalikes

American Street 
Ibi Zoboi
A gritty and lyrical coming-of-age story set in Detroit's West Side. Fabiola's immigration from Haiti and  struggle to navigate her new home while grasping at her American dream makes this an unforgettable read.
PZ7.1.Z64 Am

From a Whisper to a Rallying Cry: The Killing of Vincent Chin and the Trial That Galvanized the Asian American Movement
Paula Yoo
An engaging and well researched book about the murder of Vincent Chin by two white autoworkers and the impact of their lenient sentencing. Galvanizing the Asian American movement and bringing about hate crime reform.
E184.A75 Y56

Hello Girls 
Brittany Cavallaro
Escaping their manipulative and abusive families, two teen girls steal a car and start a crime filled road trip from Michigan to Las Vegas. This story is a fast-paced and action-packed young adult take on Thelma and Louise.
PZ7.1.C464 He

The Indigo Girl
Suzanne Kamata
Aiko Cassidy is biracial, has cerebral palsy, and doesn't fit in with her mother's new family. So, she accepts an offer to spend the summer on her father's indigo farm in rural Japan to find a sense of belonging.
PZ7.K12668 Ind

The Morgue and Me 
John C. Ford
Taking a job at the hospital morgue, Christopher stumbles upon a conspiracy linking local officials to murder, bribery, and corruption. This read is an action packed, grim, and quirky teen mystery.
PZ7.F75315 Mor

Patron Saints of Nothing 
Randy Ribay
Jay flies to the Philippines to investigate the killing of his beloved cousin, Jun, a casualty of President Dutertes' war on drugs. A powerful story that grapples with family issues, cultural identity, and Dutertes' deadly policies.
PZ7.1.R5 Pat

Throwaway Girls
Andrea Contos
A fast-paced thriller by a Michigan author about a teen girl who investigates the disappearances of multiple girls in her city. In turn raising questions about the effect of socio-economic class on the response by law enforcement.
PZ7.1.C6473435 Th

The Truth Lies Here 
Lindsey Klingele
In this Science Fiction tale, Penny visits her conspiracy theorist father in the Upper Peninsula to write a college essay on the closing of the town's factory. Her father vanishes leading her to investigate with her friend.
PZ7.1.K655 Tru

X: A Novel 
Ilyasah Shabazz with Kekla Magoon
This energetic and emotional fictionalized biography of Malcolm X shifts between his troubled childhood, tumultuous teen years, and his eventual prison sentence where he finds his faith and begins his life of activism.
PS3619.H275 X24

Updated: 1/20/2022