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Michigan Memoirs

Roommates: My Grandfather's Story
By Max Apple
The story of an immigrant Lithuanian Jewish family and the bond between grandfather and grandson, including their sharing quarters during the author's time at the University of Michigan.
PS 3551 .P56 Z47 1994
Pieces from Life's Crazy Quilt
By Marvin V. Arnett
A poignant story of an African-American family in Detroit during the Depression, when different races shared neighborhoods and scarce resources even through occasional racial and ethnic discord.
F574 .D4 N424 2003
Waiting for the Morning Train: An American Boyhood
By Bruce Catton
The Civil War historian's own story of growing up in Benzonia, a small town in Michigan's lower peninsula, the book describes an era of trains and timber in the forests of northern Michigan.
E175.5 .C28 A3 1987
Made in Detroit: A South of 8 Mile Memoir
By Paul Clemens
Clemens' story is of growing up in a white neighborhood in the 1970s, of mutual racial mistrust, and yet of the pride that kept whites and blacks together, even as Detroit declined around them.
F574 .D4 C584 2005
Indians of Hungry Hollow
By Bill Dunlop & Marcia Fountain-Blacklidge
A collection of moving stories of struggle, survival, love, and hope from a 1930s northern Michigan Native-American community.
E78 .M6 D86 2004
Off to the Side: A Memoir
By Jim Harrison
The Michigan-born and bred author of such classics as "Legends of the Fall" has finally written about his own life, including his
connection to the natural world.
PS3558 .A67 Z465 2002
Backward, Turn Backward: Recollections of a Childhood in Northern Michigan
By Beatrice S. Henshaw
A memoir of country life in early 20th-century Petoskey, a farming and resort area on the northern shore of Lake Michigan.
F566 .H486 A3 1986
Eighty Acres: Elegy for a Family Farm
By Ronald Jager
Jager's story of growing up on the family farm in Michigan during the 1940s captures the wholesome spirit of yesterday.
F572 .M65 J34 1990
Eight Steamboats: Sailing through the Sixties
By Patrick Livingston
Livingston recounts the stories of his sailing expeditions during the tumultuous 1960s, centered on ships of the Great Lakes and the men who sail them.
VK140 .L59 A3 2004
Thrifty Years: the Life of Hendrik Meijer
By Hendrik G. Meijer
The story of Michigan's homegrown grocery store empire and the Dutch immigrant entrepreneur who started it all.
HF5469.23 .U64 M456 1984
Stealing Buddha's Dinner: a Memoir
By Bich Minh Nguyen
As a Vietnamese girl in Grand Rapids, Nguyen is filled with a hunger for an American identity. Her barely conscious desire to belong transmutes into a passion for American food.
CT275 .N523 A3 2007
Pulling Down the Barn: Memories of a Rural Childhood
By Anne-Marie Oomen
Blending artful language and style with the dirt, blood and sweat of farm life, this collection of essays tells a moving story of growing up in rural Michigan.
F572 .O3 O58 2004
Keewaydinoquay, Stories from My Youth
By Keewaydinoquay Peschel & Lee Boisvert
Told by a woman of both Native American and white descent, this story spans generations and cultures and sheds a rare light on Native Americans in Michigan in the 1900s.
E99 .C6 K425 2006
Life with Mae: A Detroit Family Memoir
By Neal Shine
Shine, longtime editor and former publisher of the Detroit Free Press, combines an engaging memoir of Irish family life in prewar Detroit with a biography of his mother, Mae.
F574 .D49 I67 2007
The Diary of an Isle Royale School Teacher
By Dorothy Simonson
The published version of her handwritten diary, this is the memoir of a winter on an isolated island in Lake Superior during the Great Depression.
F572 .I8 S55 1992
Peninsula: Essays and Memoirs from Michigan
edited by Michael Steinberg
These 37 contemporary essays give a multifaceted evocation of place. The diverse pieces range from nature to cities, giving a sense of the variety, flavor, and distinctiveness of Michigan's character.
PS571 .M5 P46 2000
Motor City Memoirs
edited by Jennifer Thomas Vanadia
This collection of short reflections is from some of most creative and accomplished people in the world, showcasing Detroit's pearls.
F574 .D4 M67 2000
Small Town D.A.
By John Voelker (Robert Traver)
The stories of the life of a small-town district attorney in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, from the author of Anatomy of a Murder, who was also one of Michigan's Supreme Court judges.
KF373 .T7 A33 1992
Hard Stuff: the Autobiography of Coleman Young
By Coleman Young & Lonnie Wheeler
From growing up in Detroit to his five terms as its mayor, Young describes his life through the lens of early 20th-century migration to cities, unionism, racial conflict and the political turmoil of the 1970s.
F574 .D4 Y68 1994
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