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1996 Read Michigan Selections

Read Michigan, a list of recommended books about Michigan or by Michigan authors, was established in 1991 in cooperation with the Great Lakes Booksellers Association and the Historical Society of Michigan. 

The Secretary of State, The Historical Society of Michigan, The Great Lakes Bookseller Association, and the Great Lakes Book Club are encouraging residents to "Read Michigan" as part of Michigan Week 1996. Following is the 1996 Read Michigan list.

Superior: Journeys On An Inland Sea, by Gary and Joan McGuffin, NorthWord Press, 1995. 

A well-told story that captures the adventure and physical triumph of a couple's 80-day, 2,000-mile journey on Lake Superior, including breathtaking photography. This book won an award from the Great Lakes Booksellers Association .


Once on This Island, by Gloria Whelan, HarperCollins Publishers, 1995.

With colorful storytelling and quiet humor, this book - which also won an award from the Great Lakes Booksellers Association - recounts life on Mackinac Island during the War of 1812.


Deadly Waters, by Christopher H. Meehan, William B. Eerdmans. 1995. 

The first novel by this Grand Rapids Press writer, the book presents a mix of murder mystery and theology in a West Michigan ecclesiastical setting.


Big Annie of Calumet: A True Story of the Industrial Revolution, by Jerry Stanley, Crown Publishers, 1996.

The story of labor leader Annie Clemenc and the 1913 strike by copper miners employed by the Calumet and Hecla Mining Company in upper Michigan.


Ghost Towns of Michigan, by Larry Wakefield, Thunder Bay Press, 1994-?


Guardians of the Great Lakes: U.S. Paddle Frigate Michigan, by Bradley A. Rogers, University of Michigan Press, 1996.


On the Road to Michigan's Past, Larry Massie, Priscilla Press, 1995.


100 Years at Mackinac: A Centennial History of the Mackinac Island State Park Commission, 1985-1995, by David Armour, Mackinac State Historic Parks, 1995.


Schoolcraft's Objibwa Lodge Stories: Life on the Lake Superior Frontier, edited by Phillip Mason. Michigan State University Press, c1997.


Tales of Nokomis, by Patronella Johnston; illustrations by Francis Kagige. Nokomis Learning Center, 1994, c1975. (reprint)


Win Some, Lose Some: G. Mennen Williams and the New Democrats, by Helen Washburn-Berthelot. Wayne State University Press, c1995.


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