Property Taxes IconProperty Tax Exemptions

  • The property tax exemptions listed below provide eligible taxpayers with a variety of property tax savings. Click on the desired links to learn more about the individual programs.

  • Industrial Facilities Exemption

    A property tax exemption to manufacturers for renovation and expansion of aging facilities, building of new facilities, and establishment of high tech facilities.

  • Commercial Rehabilitation Act

    A property tax exemption for the rehabilitation of commercial property for use as a commercial business or multi-family residential facility.

  • Commercial Facilities Exemption

    A tax incentive for the redevelopment of commercial property located within an established Commercial Redevelopment District for commercial business enterprise purposes.

  • Renaissance Zones The Renaissance Zone Act, P.A. 376 of 1996, allows for the creation of Renaissance Zones in qualified local governmental units.
  • Tool and Die Recovery Zones The Michigan Strategic Fund Board designates Tool and Die Renaissance Recovery Zones pursuant to MCL 125.2688d.
  • Charitable Nonprofit Housing Exemption

    The Charitable Nonprofit Housing Property Exemption, Public Act 612 of 2006, MCL 211.7kk, as amended, was created to exempt certain residential property owned by a charitable nonprofit housing organization from property taxes for a maximum period of five years if the property is intended for ultimate occupancy by low-income persons as a principal residence.