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    School Libraries for the 21st Century Measurement Benchmarks (SL 21) are a tool to help measure the quality of School Library programs within individual school buildings in Michigan. To achieve Qualified and Exemplary Status for a School Library program, submit completed measurement benchmark evaluations to the Library of Michigan, an Office of the Michigan Department of Education. School administrators evaluate their building's library program in conjunction with their School Librarian. Submissions require the signature of the District Superintendent. Status earned is valid for three years. The SL 21 measures are reviewed and revised every three years by the Library of Michigan and the School Library Workgroup to ensure that the measures are relevant and appropriate for Michigan's school library programs. Please contact Karren Reish at reishk@michigan.gov or 517-241-0021 with any questions on the SL 21 program.
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    PDF sample of the measures. Application is made online.


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Model SL 21

  • 2018/2019 Model SL 21 School Library - Lakeview High School

    The Library of Michigan is pleased to recognize Lakeview High School in the Lakeview School District as the 2018/2019 Model 21st Century School Library! Margaret Lincoln is the District Librarian for the Lakeview School District in Battle Creek with Principal Jeffrey Bohl. Margaret and her library program were selected because of her outstanding work in developing blended curriculum for her students

    Lakeview High School Library staff are available for consultation and visits for the 2018/2019 school year. Those interested in learning about their programs, curriculum and outreach may contact Margaret Lincoln at MLincoln@lakeviewspartans.org or Karren Reish at reishk@michigan.gov.

  • Model School Libraries - Promoting Quality School Library Programs

    The Model 21st Century School Library (Model SL 21) provides examples and mentors for K-12 school libraries throughout the state. Libraries interested in serving as models for the school library community are welcome to nominate themselves at the survey below. Each year, a school library program is selected and highlighted as the Model SL 21 School Library Program of the Year. The expectations for the selected school library is that the staff will meet with other school library staff during their term as the Model library to help promote and encourage quality K-12 school library programs across the state.

    Nominations are accepted in the spring, the Model Library for the coming school year is announced in May and serves as a mentor throughout the next year to library staff and schools around the state.

  • Model SL 21 School Library Program Nomination Form - Closed for 2019/2020
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